2012, jun. 2-aug. 25 | honet (F): i want discipline III


HONET Born in 1972, Honet lives in Paris. He first started doing graffiti in 1988, painting walls along the railway lines, and eventually, in the early nineties, painting the trains themselves. When Honet is not working for Prada or exhibiting his work in galleries across Europe and far away cities such as Moscow, Beijing or Tokyo, he considers graffiti in his own way - like a practise; an "act" and not just its result. Graffiti is recorded as an act with "symbolic" nature, a day-to-day action. He joins gothic illustration inspired mostly by his life in motion, together with the romantic exploration and reappropriation of abandoned, forgotten and hidden places. Every time he takes a trip through Europe, the beauty of his work stands as a modern "via crucis". That's why he chooses so meticulously the place where to leave his creatures and his words. Through skeletons, monsters, dead ladies and wired text, Honet describes a world that only exists deep inside.


Opening reception


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