2012, SEP. 1-29 | titine k-leu (ch)


TITINE K-LEUSelf-taught painter and artist, Titine K-Leu was born just after the events of '68... She is the daughter of Françoise and Rolf Kesselring who is a writer, journalist and former editor. Throughout her youth, Titine was surrounded by painters, sculptors, designers, writers, musicians and actors, who haunted her childhood home. She speaks of this time as a wonderful and unusual life experience. In 1988, Titine K-Leu hit the road with the man of her life: Filip Leu, the famous Swiss tattoo artist. Together, they travelled the world and exhibited their artworks in many European countries, the United States, Asia (particularly Japan), India, Russia and the Pacific Islands. Back in Switzerland from this incredible journey, they've established their home in our Swiss mountains. From 1997 to 2003, Titine K-Leu painted a series of artworks entitled "Homage to Tattoo Icons" - a series of tattooed celebrities, from 1900 to 1950, and who lived on the fringe of society. Titine K-Leu's recent paintings are dedicated to women and nature. LONG LIVE THE LIFE.


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