2012, oct. 6-27 | AKA CORLEONE (P)


AKA CORLEONENamed Pedro Campiche (AKA CORLEONE), he belongs to the amazing ´85 generation. An illustrator and graphic designer originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Campiche, after a year of living in Barcelona, Spain, currently lives and works in Caldas da Rainha - a cool town near Lisbon. Co-founder of STEPPIN STONE - a new platform for illustration awesomeness and an online shop - Campiche plans on taking the world by storm with his partner in crime KRUELLA D´ENFER! Painting walls and running from dogs also spurred on his addiction to typography, colour, painting, drawing all day, planning things in advance, and mostly, it gave him a chance to express himself without boundaries - something he tries to apply to his daily life and his work. In this epic struggle to become a full-time illustrator, Campiche is always divided between his love for vectors and his absolute passion for markers, ink, watercolours, moleskins, doodling and screenprinting. He therefore tries to incorporate both digital and handmade elements in his work!


Opening reception


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