2013, september 7-28 | sweet uno (d)


Sweet UnoGerman and swiss, brilliant artist in several ways, Sweet Uno is a young talent, outstanding for his precise and perfectly mastered tags. One notices his thick and filled letters as well as his calligrafic lines (or Handstyles to be accurate), all of this being undertaken in a very short period of time. This professional Vandal spends on average only a quarter of an hour to create his enormous works of art. The maximum time he spends might extend to half a day. Sometimes six minutes will be enough if itís just about leaving a mark. Quick Job. Nevertheless, there are twenty-five years of trials and risks behind every art piece.

Sweet Uno is about the expression of letters in art. Most tags are accompanied by three lines and an exclamation mark. His work is mostly about vivid colours and the energy that he gives them. His style describes changes of dimension, medium and place (with a slight preference for places where the torn, used past is ever-present). Letís say his One passion is carried out with a Sweet dynamism.


Opening reception


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