2013, oct. 5-nov. 30 | BOGGIE SML (D)


BOOGIE SML"You can‘t buy happyness. But you can buy Ice cream. And that‘s kind of the same thing". We could willingly outline Boogie‘s work with this ironic statement and its purposely grammatical error, because what isn‘t perfect is often much better. The German graphic artist‘s main work is the letter, which he adopts from fifties‘ style rounded writing, echoing the onomatopoeic expressivity. Indeed following the cartoon manner, his integrated illustrations become letters in his tags. Boogie doesn‘t lack imagination: ice cream cones, coloured pencils, mushrooms, sticks of dynamite or aerosol sprays are elongated objects which will humorously substitute the "i" in his signature‘s, melting into an exciting scenery filled with thick bright letters. These latter will sometimes borrow a theme or suddenly just seem liquid, dripping down the wall. Further on they could be imitating big rough paintbrush strokes, nevertheless always being drawn with accuracy. He is most of all a player who loves his job wether it be on motorway pillars, round road traffic mirrors, skateboards, train carriages and even jean jackets.


Opening reception


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