2013, december 7-2014, february 22 | L'OUTSIDER (F)


BOOGIE SMLOutsider of the classic graffiti movement, versatile in a whirl of many fields, techniques and sources of inspiration. That‘s how we admire the large and rich range of this French artist, who excels in the art of the letter form, explored under different styles, ranging from microcosms of sketches to huge graffitis melting into their empty backrounds. His is an intellectual, accomplished, balanced art but is simultaneously about knowing how to rely on intuition. He works with a subtle selection of colours and mainly with themes. "Whole" is a perfect example of an "in situ" piece of work because its interaction with the site creates interpretations which bring smiles to people‘s faces.

L‘Outsider is an impressive draftsman who produces beautiful sketchbooks, as varied as are his subjects, nevertheless always having a pronounced fondness for typography. He is inspired by the South African "Ndebele" ethnic group‘s geometrical forms, tending towards an impression of mosaics. He is a tireless creator and adventurer, in the urban as in the extra-urban, who touches the outside and our inside.


Opening reception


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